Sew Baby Sew

If you love to sew for kids, there are endless possibilities for creating a home-based business that can bring you extra income, extra flexibility, and a great outlet for creativity. Sewing for kids is not the easiest way to make a living. A poorly planned or poorly run business will drive you crazy and certainly not bring in the income you deserve.

There are many potential pitfalls and details that are easily overlooked as you begin or grow your business. Since I began my first home business in 1997 – I have seen many businesses grow – and many others fail. This is nothing unusual, experts tell us that over 80% of businesses will fail in the first 5 years. Yet, a handful of businesses make it off the kitchen table and become thriving businesses. What makes the difference between home business success and failure?

While there are many factors in business success – business failures are often due to the same basic reasons. Businesses most often fail due to lack of capital (if there is no money, the business will not survive), lack of planning (where is this business going?), and lack of organization. If you plan to succeed, you can plan to overcome these issues before they strangle your fledgling business.

Take some time to read through this site. I recommend a number of resources that I feel are great shortcuts to success. However, you can certainly start without them if your finances are limited. As your business grows, be sure to invest some of your profits into tools and information that will help you succeed.  A craftswoman needs tools – and information is the most important tool you will ever use.

Best of luck to you in your business endeavors!

Keep on sewing –

Julie Renee Holland


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